As a result of violent crises or natural disasters, displaced children may have missed out on months or years of education. To help them bridge the gap of lost school time, the InnerCity Mission collaborates with the Government and other humanitarian partners to provide these vulnerable children with safe learning spaces and school supplies which are essential to accelerate education.

The InnerCity Mission Children Learning Center (CLC) serves as a beacon of hope to vulnerable children, and disadvantaged families and a valuable asset to communities by directly providing a wide variety of programs and services, including psycho-social services to children affected by violence, to equip them with coping mechanisms.  There is also a service to provide at least one nutritious meal or snack pack for each child, as there are many children who go to school hungry.

Every child has a dream, even children in the most forgotten places. The InnerCity Mission is helping indigent children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school, stay ahead in their education just like their counterparts. There are children that can’t go back to their dusty classrooms and are being left behind as they are not equipped to adapt or transition to new methods of learning. Let’s educate the next generation of lawyers, doctors, engineers and teachers. Education is a right, not a privilege! Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. Help us to take education to needy children at this time. Sponsor a child today.

The InnerCity Mission Children Learning Centers is our targeted effort to support our Education Program.

They are safe spaces where indigent and vulnerable children can come to be mentored, taught and given warm meals.

These centres will provide after-school support and mentoring to boost the academic performance of indigent children in underserved communities within our catchments.

Activities carried out at the Learning Centers would include:

  • Basic Literacy and Numeracy lessons
  • Homework assistance
  • Book clubs
  • Mentoring classes

We in UK Zone 1 plan to build 2 Learning Centres in Africa. Each centre will cost £30,000 to build and set up.


Objectives Children’s Learning Centres:

  • To engage target indigent children for better performance in school, and refocus their energy on productive activities
  • To help the indigent children in the inner-city communities read better, write better, spell better and do their arithmetic better.
  • To build a reading culture amongst indigent children.
  • To help the indigent children attend to their school homework,
  • To give the inner-city children in the communities to receive tutorial services that they would ordinarily not have been able to afford.
  • To spread the message and impact of our message.